Course Description

Every business and industry is facing an unprecedented level of digital, demographic and regulatory disruption. In this turbulent climate, it is vital to stay one step ahead.

Based on Michael McQueen’s international bestselling book, this deep-dive online masterclass course will help you:

  • Determine your current relevance score as an individual, business or leader
  • Identify the key disruptive threats that have the potential to impact your business or industry in the coming years
  • Explore the 5 key reasons many businesses don't realise they are becoming irrelevant till it’s almost too late - and which ones you may be vulnerable to
  • Implement a range of simple and practical step-by-step strategies for driving innovation and re-invention

The course features over 50 video coaching modules from Michael McQueen as well as a number of diagnostic tools and interactive exercises designed to help you navigate the changes that lie ahead and emerge stronger and more relevant than ever.

Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen understands what it takes to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.Widely recognised for having his finger on the pulse of business and culture, he has helped some of the world’s best-known brands navigate disruption and maintain relevance.As a leading specialist in social shifts, change management and future trends, Michael features regularly as a commentator on TV and radio and has written four bestselling books. Michael is a familiar face on the international conference circuit having shared the stage with the likes of Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across 5 continents since 2004 and is known for his high-impact, research-rich and entertaining conference presentations.In 2015, Michael was named Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year and was inducted into the Professional Speakers Halls of Fame.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Course

    • Meet Your Trainer

    • ACTIVITY: Why does Relevance Matter to you?

  • 2

    The Relevance Curve: How To Measure Your Relevance

    • ACTIVITY: What does Relevance mean to you?

    • Introducing the Relevance Curve

    • ACTIVITY: What Relevance Phase are you in Right now?

    • 7 Signs you Could be near the Turning Point

    • ACTIVITY: What does the Turning Point Look Like for you?

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 3

    Beyond the Theoretical - How Irrelevance Can Impact Anyone

    • The Relevance Curve in real Life

    • ACTIVITY: Real-Life Reflection

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 4

    What is your Silent Pulse?

    • How Healthy is Your Business - Really?

    • Explanation of Activity: I’ll know I’m Successful When

    • ACTIVITY: I’ll Know I’m Successful When

    • Why you may be Looking at the Wrong KPIs

    • ACTIVITY: Measuring your Business's Silent Pulse

    • ACTIVITY: Looking to the Competition

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 5

    Irrelevance: Fate or Failure?

    • Is Failure Inevitable?

    • ACTIVITY: Your Warning Signs

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 6

    How To Prepare For and Pre-empt Disruption

    • Shift is Happening… Are You Ready?

    • Shift-Factor 1

    • Shift-Factor 2

    • Shift-Factor 3

    • Shift-Factor 4

    • Shift-Factor 5

    • Beware the Fads

    • ACTIVITY: Reducing the Disruption Risk Factor in Your Business

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 7

    How To Avoid The Intoxicating Effects of Success

    • Too Much of a Good Thing

    • Intoxication Warning Sign 1

    • Intoxication Warning Sign 2

    • Intoxication Warning Sign 3

    • Intoxication Warning Sign 4

    • ACTIVITY: The Conformity Test

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 8

    How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Preservation Obsession

    • Evolution or Extinction - The Choice is Yours

    • 5 Tips for Overcoming Neophobia

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 9

    How To Avoid the Risk of ‘Progress Addiction’

    • The Dark Side of Innovation

    • ACTIVITY: Your Addiction to Progress Risk Assessment Part 2

    • How to Strike the Balance Between Preservation and Progress

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 10

    How To Avoid The Human Causes of Irrelevance

    • The Road to Obsolescence is Man-Made

    • ACTIVITY: We’re all Human Part 1

    • ACTIVITY: We’re all Human Part 1

    • ACTIVITY: Summarising the 5 Roads to Irrelevance’

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 11

    How To Achieve Relevance: Battle Strategy 1

    • How to be be Enduring Not Endangered

    • Battle Strategy 1: Re-Calibrate

    • ACTIVITY: The Foundations of Re-Calibration

    • 3 -Re-Calibration Questions

    • ACTIVITY: Your Organizational or Personal DNA

    • 4 Things Your Values Should NOT be

    • ACTIVITY: Your Core Values

    • Common Traps in Determining Your Driving Purpose

    • DISCUSS: Your Driving Purpose

    • ACTIVITY: Your Driving Purpose

    • Module and Insights Reflection

    • Recommended Reading

  • 12

    How To Achieve Relevance: Battle Strategy 2

    • Introducing Battle Strategy 2: Re-Focus

    • How To Restore Your Inspiration

    • DISCUSS: Inspiration Ignitor

    • ACTIVITY: Time to Re-Focus

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 13

    How To Achieve Relevance: Battle Strategy 3

    • Introducing Battle Strategy 3: Re-Fresh

    • How to Avoid the Tyranny of Tradition

    • DISCUSS: Identifying Your Traditions

    • ACTIVITY: Evaluating Your Traditions

    • ACTIVITY: Your Pruning Strategies

    • How the Baggage of Bureaucracy can slow you down

    • Module and Insights Reflection

  • 14

    How To Achieve Relevance: Battle Strategy 4 (Re-Engineer)

    • Introducing Battle Strategy 4: Re-Engineer

    • Re-Engineering Step 1: De-Construct

    • ACTIVITY: Becoming Aware of What You’re Currently Doing

    • Re-Engineering Step 2: Evaluation

    • ACTIVITY: Analyse the List

    • ACTIVITY: Remove the Misalignments

    • Re-Engineering Step 3: Innovation

    • ACTIVITY: Where and How to Innovate

    • ACTIVITY: Bringing it All Together

  • 15

    How To Achieve Relevance: Battle Strategy 5

    • Introducing Battle Strategy 5: Re-Frame

    • Re-Framing Strategy 1: Leverage Fresh Eyes

    • Re-Framing Strategy 2: Foster a Culture of Curiosity

    • Re-Framing Strategy 3: Actively Encourage Dissent

    • Re-Framing Strategy 4: Stay Alert to Serendipity

    • Re-Framing Strategy 5: De-Stigmatize Risk and Failure

    • ACTIVITY: Bringing it All Together

  • 16

    How To Achieve Relevance: Battle Strategy 6 (Re-Position)

    • Introducing Battle Strategy 6: Re-Position

    • 7 Re-Positioning Questions

    • The 4 Practical Ways of Re-Positioning Your Business and Brand

    • ACTIVITY: Developing a Re-Positioning Roadmap

  • 17

    Course Conclusion

    • Conclusion and Summary

    • Recommended Reading

    • Connect With Michael

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